Type: Evolven Training
Name Type Description File
Evolven 101 Evolven Training This is an introductory video to Evolven. You'll learn what Evolven is, why you would use it, how it works, terminology, and basic navigation. Evolven 101.mp4
Type: Documentation
Name Type Description File
Agent Hotfix Setup Guide Documentation This document describes the process for creating an agent hotfix package that can be remotely deployed to Evolven agents through the Evolven UI. Package Development Guide.docx
AppDynamics Deployment Guide Documentation This document will cover the steps in order to configure the integration into AppDynamics APM tool. This integration will allow for better relevance around Incident Management. AppD Integration v2.docx
Application Onboarding Guide Documentation This document will prepare and guide your team through the onboarding of applications into logical environments and the development of use cases for operational readiness. Application Onboarding Guide.docx
AWS Deployment Guide Documentation This document will cover the steps necessary to configure Evolven to monitor AWS configuration changes. AWS Deployment Guide (1).docx
Azure Deployment Guide Documentation This document will cover the steps to configure Azure integration. Azure Deployment Guide.docx
Dynatrace Deployment Guide Documentation Dyntrace integration allows for a Bi-Directional feed for integration with APM analytics. This integration allows for the reduction of MTTR by combining the APM analytics with Evolven’s Change analytics. Dynatrace Deployment Guide.docx
Evolven Agent Deployment Guide Documentation The document provides an overview of the Evolven agent and detailed installation instructions. Evolven Agent Deployment Guide 7.docx
Evolven API Guide (6.x) Documentation This document contains descriptions for many of the commonly used Evolven APIs. Evolven_API_Guide.pdf
Evolven Architectural Guidelines Documentation This guide describes how to deploy the Evolven system and is intended for IT operations personnel, IT service management and DevOps. Evolven Architectural Guidelines.docx