What information can Evolven Administrators share with Sysadmins when diagnosing an agent issue?

When the Evolven Agent is not communicating with the Evolven Server the Evolven Administrator must reach out to other Sysadmins for information.

The first thing to do is request agent logs. These are found at:
Windows: [Install Location]\Agent\log
UNIX: [Install Location]/agent/log

Rather than sending file by file we suggest zipping up the entire folder and sending them for review.

The most common issue that needs to be resolved this way is connectivity to the Evolven Server. This is configured in the following file:
Windows: [Install Location]\Agent\conf\agent.config.properties
UNIX: [Install Location]/agent/conf/agent.config.properties

The parameter is called server.wsdl.url and looks something like:

Chck the protocol (http/https), server address, and port to ensure they are correct.

In some case there exists an agent.config.properties.override file. If this file exists it may be overriding the value set in the agent.config.properties file.