What are the system requirements for Evolven?

The following represents a high-level view of the system requirements for Evolven. For more details, see the Evolven Deployment Guide.

On-Premise Server Deployment

Evolven App Server
  • Windows Server 64-bit (2008+)
  • Quad-Core dual CPU or better
  • 16 GB of Memory (more memory improves performance)
  • 50 GB of Disk Space
  • .Net 3.5 Framework for Installer

Evolven DB Server

  • Windows Server with MS SQL Server (2008R2+)
    • SQL Developer is good for a POC
    • SQL Express can be used for a POC, but imposes storage limits and is not recommended
    • Can be run on the same server as the Application Server for a POC
  • At least 5GB of disk space for SQL Server and 50 GB of disk space for databases is recommended as a minimum
  • For implementations estimate 1GB/agent per midrange server to store 12 months
  • Actual usage depends on a number of factors and can be estimated once initial collections and some history has occurred
Evolven Agents
  • Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris, HPUX, zLinux, and Mainframes with Java
  • ~300MB of space for the agent
  • ~50-250MB of temporary space during agent operation
  • 128-512MB of memory (configurable), can be set to below normal priority
  • Up to 5% of CPU utilization during scans only by default. CPU utilization limit can be configured. Agent process priority can be set below normal. Agent process affinity can be set a specific CPU.
  • HTTP/HTTPS connectivity from the Evolven Agents to the Evolven App Server (80/443, or custom)
  • Run agent service as:
    • On Windows: Evolven recommends running as "Local System Account"
    • On *NIX: Evolven recommends running as "root", or read-only equivalent
Evolven Users
  • Windows, Linux, or UNIX
  • Internet Explorer 10+, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome officially supported
  • Average network bandwidth consumed by one Evolven Agent during the first scan is 31 Kbps
  • Average network bandwidth consumed by one Evolven Agent during a subsequent scan detecting 10 changes is 0.001 Kbps
LDAP Integration (Optional)
  • To implement LDAP an LDAP Administrator with LDAP information will be required
E-Mail Integration (Optional)
  • To implement E-Mail information on the SMTP mail server is required

Cloud Deployment:

  • Same as above, except:
    • No requirements for Evolven Server
    • Proxy or firewall rules for agents to connect to the Evolven Server in the cloud
    • Evolven Server would require connectivity to LDAP/Email servers (if using those features and wishing to use your own applications)