How much resource is consumed by Evolven Agents?

Evolven was designed to use minimum resources on agents. However it is impossible to use zero resources (as much as we would like to), so this explains how the Evolven Agent ensures that it uses the least amount of resources possible, entirely configurable by Evolven Admins.


  • Agents can be controlled to scan during certain hours or at a given time per day (by default 24x7)
  • Agents can be controlled to scan on-demand only
  • Rules can be defined to dictate how stale data is before it is scanned again (by default once/hour)


  • Each agent has a threshold for resource consumption. By default this is 5% (for standard scans) and 25% (for accelerated scans - only accessible to authorized users), measured across all CPU's
    • Example: A system with 16 CPU's, or 1600% total CPU when viewing this in many tools, Evolven will use up to 80% of 1600% (or 5% overall)
    • NOTE: This does not mean Evolven uses 5% of each CPU, spread evenly. The measurement is for total usage.
  • Measurements are taken 5 times per second, with the goal of ensuring we remain below the max cpu in a 5 second window
  • As soon as we see we exceed 5% we will sleep an appropriate amount to ensure the average stays under 5%, and we log it in the agent logs
  • In addition Evolven has several features to aid when more control is desired:
    • CPU Affinity can be enabled, to tie the agent function to a single specific core
    • A "good citizen" feature is provided to shut the agent down when overall CPU is high (e.g. 90% for all applications) and not start until a lower threshold has been attained (e.g. 70%)


  • Agents are configured with multiple memory thresholds (by default 128MB, 256MB and 512MB)
    • No scan should require more than 512MB of memory, and a very small percentage require more than 128MB
  • The smallest threshold that allows the agent to scan will be used


  • Agents use temporary space during collections
  • Thresholds for total space (20MB by default), percentage of available space (10% by default), and file count are available