How much CPU and Memory are agents consuming?

Agents can be controlled by CPU and Memory. These settings can be seen on the agents tab (in administration or inventory), seen below:

The CPU settings are split into two settings, a standard mode which is used during scheduled scans and most on-demand scans, and an accelerated mode which is used for faster scans. User privileges are available to control who can scan normally and who can scan accelerated.

You can change these settings by editing the agent and looking at the advanced tab:

The Memory settings are controlled through settings files instead of in the GUI. There are configuration files found on both the agent as well as the server which can be used for this setting. The graphic below explains the hierarchy of which setting will be used:

Out of the box these settings are only stored in the agent's file, which is the lowest priority file (number 4 on the screenshot above). The settings appear as follows:

Changing these requires determining if you wish to change the setting on a single agent or all agents (numbers 1 and 2 on the screenshot above). Simply edit the appropriate file and override,, or with the apropriate values.

Other notes:
  • If you wish to eliminate one of the levels (e.g. level 3) simply make it the same value as level 2. For example the levels would be 128/256/256. (Note that this may mean a collection cannot complete if 256MB is not sufficient.)
  • Additional levels may be added with settings,, etc.