How do I migrate an Evolven Environment (DB Server, App Server(s), Agents)?

These steps outline a process of onboarding a new Evolven App Server and DB Server, and migrating the old ones. It uses a conservative approach of migrating the filesystem of one of the old app servers to ensure that any customizations are not lost. Use only the sections necessary for your migration.

Migrating the Database

NOTE: You can either do this twice (once now, once at the end) or just once at the end, letting the new ones create a dummy/empty database for the tests
  1. Lift and Shift the old databases (enlight_main and enlight_lib) to the new database server

Install new App Server(s)

  1. Install the same version of the application to one or more new app servers. Point them to the new database server.
  2. After the install is complete stop the service on the new app server(s).
  3. Rename the folder (e.g. Server) to a backup (e.g. Server_Backup).
  4. Copy a folder from one the old app server(one of, if you have multiple) to the new one.
  5. Copy the file (found in Server\Tomcat 6.0\labsense-config directory) from the Server_Backup to the Server.
  6. Restart the service. You should now have the new app server(s) connected to the new database server.
At this point you should have two environments running:
  • Old App Server(s) to Old Database Server, with all the agents connected
  • New App Server(s) to New Database Server, with no agents connected

Prepare the agent upgrade package

  1. Create a folder structure like the following, with the file wsdl.conf: conf\override\wsdl.conf
  2. Inside wsdl.conf add the following line (using your server name and being mindful of http/https and port): server.wsdl.url=
  3. Zip up from the conf directory and call the file
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: It's important to ensure the conf and override directories are part of the zipped file.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: The name of the zipped file must contain hotfix in it. The rest of the name is up to you.
  4. Deploy this file on the old server at Server\Tomcat 6.0\labsense-config\agent-upgrade\upgrades. You can do this from the Evolven GUI (using Admin\Server Filesystem)

Test a repointing

  1. Login to the old server.
  2. Find an agent on the agents tab (Inventory or Admin\Agents).
  3. Select it, click "Upgrade", select the hotfix you deployed, and click OK.
  4. Wait for about 5 minutes.
    • On the old server you should see the agent change to "Connection Lost".
    • On the new server you should see the agent change to be connected (Running/Idle).

Migrate the rest of the agents to complete the migration

  1. Do the final database lift and shift, and bring up all services.
  2. On the old server select multiple agents and upgrade them with the hotfix.
  3. Once all agents are moved you can turn off the old environment.