How can I redirect an agent to another Evolven Server?

Redirection involves sending an upgrade package to an agent which contains a new configuration line pointing to the new URL. Once the upgrade has completed the agent will restart itself and register with the new server.

When setting up these redirection packages it's important to note that an agent will not repoint back to the original server if it fails. Evolven recommends testing this out once with server you can edit manually, in case anything goes wrong. Once you've migrated an agent successfully you can push the package to your remaining agents.

Here are the step to create a migration package

  1. Create a folder on the desktop called conf
  2. Inside the conf folder create a folder called override
  3. Inside the override folder create a file called
  4. Inside the file add the following line but adjusting for your relevant URL:
    • Pay special attention to getting http(s) and the port correctly
  5. Go back to the desktop and zip up the conf folder. Call this zipped file
    • It's important that this file has the word hotfix in it and ends in >strong>.zip. The rest can be changed to meet your needs
  6. Place this file at the following location:
    (Evolven Server)/Tomcat 6.0/labsense-config/agent.upgrade/upgrades
  7. Back in the GUI, upgrade an agent and apply this new hotfix
  8. Wait some time and see if you see the agent on the new server. It should show up within 5 minutes, probably earlier.